Refill Brush Assortment

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5 x 20 2-brush units (200 brushes)

STAINO® offers the industry’s widest range of interdental models for convenient at-home and on-the-go use.

No matter the task – be it removing plaque and food particles between and around teeth, bridge abutments, implants and braces or removing tobacco, coffee, red wine, cola and other tooth surface stains – STAINO® offers the ideal, shape and size interdental brush and easy to use handle to work quickly and efficiently. 

Ultra-fine white aluminum oxide – a proven dental stain removing abrasive – is blended within the nylon bristles for faster more effective plaque and stain removal. Other manufacturers’ interdental brushes are just nylon and work solely on the basis of friction.

Refill Brush Assortment contains 5 brush sizes. 

Pack: 5 x 20 2-brush units (200 brushes)

how to use interdental brushes

how to use interdental brushes

1.Insert brush between teeth.

2.Use a gentle back-and-forth motion.

3.Rinse mouth thoroughly.

4.Wash brush after use.

Caution: Never force brush into too small an opening.

Pack 5 x 20 2-brush units (200 brushes)