Our unique range of aluminum oxide abrasive-filled oral hygiene aids scientifically proven safe and effective for removing plaque and surface stains from teeth.


Developed jointly with world-renowned dupontlogo-black-1.jpg and dedeco-logo3.jpg, a former division of 3M and the dental industry’s leading manufacturer of abrasive polishers, we are able to blend ultra-fine white aluminum oxide abrasive particles into micro-thin nylon filaments to create our unique interdental brushes & dental floss and in latex-free rubber to produce our tooth stain eraser and iCLEAN® stain removing prophy angle, latch & screw type cups.


Unlike other companies, only STAINO® incorporates a clinically proven stain removing technology into its floss and interdental brush filaments. As a result, in addition to more aggressively removing food particles and plaque, STAINO® products also safely and effectively remove tooth stains caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, wine and cola. The scientific studies (below) are undeniable - STAINO® filaments demonstrably outperform the competition.

Interdental Brushes and Floss

Patented STAINO® filaments blend ultra-fine aluminum oxide abrasive particles into micro-thin filaments. As a result, unlike other manufacturers' standard nylon filament products which work solely on the basis of friction, STAINO® filaments - taking advantage of the abrasive particles used by dentists for decades - work faster and more effectively to remove plaque and tooth stains. No matter your preference - interdental brushes or floss - STAINO®'s patented filaments will outperform the competition. 

iClean® Prophy Angle and Cups

The world's first and only disposable prophy angle and prophy cups that effectively clean, polish and remove stains - even without paste.

Tooth Stain Eraser

The same can be said for our one-of-a-kind Tooth Stain Eraser, which includes the identical ultra-fine white aluminum oxide particles in its flexible rubber tips.


From patented dual-ended products like our TWINS® to innovative designs like our Flossbox® - which include a crystal clear shatterproof mirror, STAINO® is committed to superior products and unmatched value.

For many dental professionals and their patients, STAINO® products are now the "preferred choice".

Thank you for your interest and welcome to STAINO®...delivering unmatched value since 2001.