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24 15m/16.5yd mirrored compacts

Floss & cosmetic quality mirror the size of a business card. 

Only STAINO® dental floss, which incoporates micro-fine aluminum oxide abrasive particles within its filament, is proven to safely and effectively remove stains from tooth surfaces.

Pack: 24 15m/16.5yd mirrored compacts


1. Take 18-24in of floss from <br />cut-out on mirror side. 2.Pull the floss down and <br />cut inside Flossbox.  3.Move floss up and down against <br />tooth, around the gumline.  

 For Best Results: After each tooth advance to a clean section of floss by unwinding the floss from one finger and rewinding it onto the other.






Pack 24 15m/16.5yd mirrored compacts
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