Posted by The Staino Team on Nov 1st 2020


It is with great pride that we introduce iCLEAN® and incorporate it into the STAINO® family of products.

iCLEAN® is the world's first and only disposable prophy angle and prophy cups that effectively clean, polish and remove stains.

Proven safe for enamel and gums, the micro-fine aluminum oxide abrasive particles uniformally blended within the "soft" flexible rubber cups ensure effective performance on all tooth surfaces – facial, lingual, interproximal & subgingival. 

Eliminates spot stains even when used without prophy paste. Splatter is virtually eliminated and visibility during cleaning is markedly improved – a more efficient process for hygienist and patient alike.

Continuing Success

We are also proud of the ever-increasing popularity and world-wide success of our interdental brushes, dental f loss – including Flossbox® and Floss 'n Toss® – as well as the Tooth Stain Eraser which is a #1 seller on Amazon.com.

The scientific studies are undeniable – STAINO® technology clearly outperforms the competition. Thank you for your support of our products – it is truly appreciated