iClean - Stain Removing Prophy Angles and Cups (Pre-Order Now - Available Oct. 1)


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World’s first and only disposable prophy angle that effectively CLEANS, POLISHES & REMOVES STAINS even without paste.

Also available in latch and screw models, the "soft" stain removing i CLEAN® prophy cups effectively clean all tooth surfaces – facial, lingual, interproximal and subgingival. Transitions easily from tooth to tooth.



The primary objective of this in vitro study was to evaluate the stain removal potential of Staino® iClean® compared to two commercially available prophy angles.  

The secondary objective of this study was to (a) evaluate the stain removal potential from pellicle stained enamel specimens and (b) determine the relative enamel abrasion (REA) provided by the Staino® iClean®.


Stain Removal

The stained enamel specimens treated with the Staino® iClean® exhibited a mean (N=16) ΔL* value of 20.31 and ΔE* value of 20.82 following treatment.  Both values were numerically greater than that exhibited by the Acclean Soft Webbed (ΔL* = 14% less; ΔE* = 13% less) and Young Soft Webbed (ΔL* = 19% less; ΔE* = 19% less).  The Staino® iClean® exhibited statistically greater (P ≤ 0.050) changes in both ΔL* and ΔE* values following treatment compared to the Young Soft Webbed treatment group.    

The Staino® iClean® offered significant (P < 0.05) reduction in stained pellicle present on the enamel specimens following treatment, as determined by ΔL*, Δa*, Δb* measurements. From these measurements the overall color change, ΔE*, was calculated. The stained enamel specimens treated with the Staino® iClean® demonstrated a Mean ΔE* (N=16) of 26.47, which is indicative of an observer noticing two different colors.3



1. The Staino® iClean® was significantly more effective at removing pellicle stain from enamel specimens in vitro compared to the Young Soft Webbed prophy angle and demonstrated numerically greater stained pellicle cleaning potential compared to the Acclean Soft Webbed prophy angle.  The Staino® iClean® exhibited significant stain removal potential as determined by colorimetric evaluation and was visually apparent as shown in the baseline and post-treatment images.

2. The Staino® iClean® was effective at removing pellicle stain while exhibiting minimal abrasion to enamel following treatment in vitro.