The STAINO® Difference
Technology + Design = Outstanding Value



Unlike other companies, only STAINO® incorporates a Clinically Proven stain removing technology into its floss and interdental brush filaments. As a result, in addition to more agressively removing food particles and plaque, STAINO® products also safely and effectively remove tooth stains caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, wine and cola. The scientific studies are undeniable - STAINO® filaments demonstrably outperform the competition.


From patented dual-ended products like our Travel Models - which give users twice the benefit as the competition, to inviting designs like the Flossbox - which includes a shatterproof mirror, STAINO®'s commitment to quality provides unmatched value.

For many dental professionals and their patients, STAINO® products are now their "preferred choice".

Thank you for your interest and welcome to STAINO®...delivering unmatched value since 2003.